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Here to Assist!
Here to serve the needs or our clients.
Allow our professionals to be your day to day support in the important decision making processes.

About us
 Our Mission
  We want to be a one stop business support organization that will use its finest expertise to benefit our clients.  Our goal is to bring our clients all the business support components that are required to achieve goals and objectives.  Our mission is develop long term relationships with our clients and to guide them to success and to bring them to realize their full potential. 
 Company Profile

We bring approximately 120 years experience in finance, management, employee benefit management and health care delivery services to our clients.  Our management team consists of the finest experienced professionals.  Along with our employees we have developed associations and relationships with senior consultants in various fields of business .   Our consultants typically have in excess of 20 years in their field of expertise.  Our employed, contracted and associated consultants all part of a significant and intricate group of professionals that interact, strategize and work in unison to insure our clients meet their desired goals.  Here is a partial list of key GMA executives, consultants and associated professionals.

Please click the names for detailed information. 

John Meazzo, M.A. - Senior Consultant - Financial and Management Services 

Michael Duchon, M.E. - Senior Consultant - Human Resources

Lynton Elston Hurdle. M.B.A. -  Senior Consultant - Strategic Planning

Rudy Shutta, M.B.A. -  Senior Consultant - Revenue Cycle and Financial Management

Reza Roohnia - Financial Advisor, President La Jolla Financial & Insurance Services

Other Consultants available in the area of IT, Finance and HR services



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